Video footage from the scene showed the survivors freed from Cheap World of Warcraft Gold

  Video footage from the scene showed the survivors freed from the rubble to be loaded on stretchers in a crowd of rescuers and bystanders. Heavy equipment is used to sift through the rubble as residents gathered around small fires. The ransom Crescent, heavy equipment and drinking water.

  A shelter was set up by the Ministry of Health of the country in the Turkish capital, Ankara. Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said 10 buildings had collapsed in the center of the city of Van, citing local authorities. Health Minister Recep Akdag said an ambulance and several helicopters would go to the earthquake zone. Television images of the province of Van showed rescue workers and members of the public on the escalation of large piles of concrete blocks that had been building before the earthquake.

  Rescue of about 500 people were on the ground, according to a crisis, and the support team were sent to 29 surrounding municipalities. Medical helicopters transported the injured to hospitals in other provinces, the center said. Two hospitals set up tents for Erci?, and two cargo planes were sent from the capital, carrying medical personnel and support.






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