Felipe not to mention money Rauf said his parents told him. But later Cheap Eden Eold

  Felipe not to mention money, Rauf said his parents told him. But later, the teacher, the couple visited the father in his office, he repeated the statement about the curative powers of the Torah and asked for a donation of $ 100 000 for a scribe to write the scrolls, Rauf said. Rauf said his father, a doctor, he was furious and refused the request. Rauf said the professor, who had grown close to his mother, and then went to a clinic where he was receiving chemotherapy and convinced her to give about half the amount.

  Raoof said the father, in the end pays the rest, hoping that the Torah dedication ceremony for his wife could offer some final joy with family and friends. Month after month, the family was told the Torah was not ready, according Raoof. When his mother died in 2004, Raoof said, the family said in his letter that the donations had gone to general fund of the Centre, not the Torah. Centre finally agreed to create a Torah, Raoof said.

  The family eventually rejected the offer and demand their money back, the center refused, he said. The Times showed Raoof four copies of canceled checks from late 2003 and early 2004, produced in the account of his parents and the Order of the Kabbalah Centre, a total of $ 107 000. The word "Torah" appears in the memo field of three checks. Most Rauf refused to discuss the issue, but confirmed the story of his son.






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