How can we win if voters believe that our candidate as the only RS Online

  Looking at the other Republican candidates are struggling to fight against the appeal by Herman Cain 9-9-9 tax plan, I am reminded of a Senate campaign that I worked in the 1980s when our candidate been imposed on a single issue. Our conversation came to inform us and said, ". Sixty percent of voters in this state to identify our candidate with it, the only problem "

  Horrified, colleagues spraying, "How can we win if voters believe that our candidate as the only candidate asks:" Does the researcher smiled: "You do not understand Yes, in the minds of voters, it is our candidate. Linked to a single question , not two yet - but everyone else in the field have zero problems, and struggling to make one. "

  Similarly, the Republican race this year, Cain momentum comes as 9-9-9 plan for himself and his attention on at least one clear idea - wrong as it can be - the field of candidates who have not no. This is a trail, and Cain stumble across competitors that can not only hit the primaries President Barack Obama and the translation of a long list of government initiatives to remove: yes, I am forced to make suggestions.






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